FORETYPE The Future of Typing



Foretype is a typing acceleration program for Windows XP/2000.

If people can finish your sentences - now your computer can do the same.

A lot of people spend their time entering different textual information into computers. State of the art in this process is touch typing. If you want to type faster, you have to learn to press keys faster. But typing fast is hard to master, and puts a lot of strain on your hands. The other way to type faster is to enter more text with the same number of key presses. Your computer could guess what are you going to type, and propose a shortcut to enter the whole word or even a couple of words in just one click. This is what Foretype does. Having analyzed enormous amounts of text, Foretype is able to predict the most probable continuation for many phrases.

Foretype in action:

As you type, Foretype predicts the word you are most likely to be typing and offer a shortcut to the next letters

AutoText feature:

With AutoText feature you can add your own custom shortcuts to frequently used words or phrases


  • Information theory based predictions. Over 10,000 texts from Project Gutenberg were analysed.
  • Optimized for maximal typing efficiency.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Compatible with most Windows editors.
  • AutoText. Allows custom shortcuts.
  • English and Russian languages are supported.
  • Runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003

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