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Your curiosity lead you to the page about me, Andrey Gulin. If you want to know more about me here you can find something.

What areas interest me most:

  • information compression and prediction, markets efficiency, intelligence
  • complex software development
  • project management

  • Professional Biography

    Andrey Gulin is Nival Interactive’s Technical Director, where he coordinates high level programming solutions for Nival’s critically acclaimed computer games.

    Andrey has been lead programmer on Silent Storm - revolutionary 3D game with completely destructible environment where he managed team of programmers and worked on 3D engine, physics, game logic, etc. Make sure you have tried "explosion" cheat in Silent Storm otherwise you have not seen what this game engine is really capable of :) Before Silent Storm Andrey has worked on AI and other aspects of Evil Islands game.

    Andrey graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute with M.S. degree with honors in applied mathematics. In school Andrey has managed to reach national finals in both physics and informatics olympiads.

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