FORETYPE The Future of Typing



9 May 2005
Version 1.5. Performance improvements. Global keyboard and mouse hooks were replaced with local ones. This resulted in reduced lags especially noticeable in console applications like FAR. Foretype does not work with console applications but previous versions reduced console applications responsiveness. New version is significantly better in this area and practically does not affect other applications performance. Also on May vacations I've made ieWord, cool binding between Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word. Writing in forums and using gmail has became more comfortable with it.

6 Apr 2005
Version 1.4. A couple of compatibility issues were resolved.

27 Feb 2005
Version 1.3. Minor bugfix. Added dialog for convenient AutoText editing.

01 Feb 2005
Version 1.2 with AutoText support.

24 Jan 2005
First public release.
Thanks NURB for helping with the site.

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